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    by Julia Prescott

    The other day I was hit with a shocking realization. I was sitting in my office, sipping away on some coffee, when the printer started to malfunction. Paper spewed out of the feeding tray as my co-worker dove in to bang it around. After 5 seconds of shaking the printer’s insides, BAM - it hit me.

    Me: “Hey, do you guys watch New Girl?”


    Co-worker: “Yeah, I think you’re alone with that one.”

    I was trying to reference the moment Jake Johnson’s character fixes things with duct tape, and is instantly chided by his roommates. “Oh, you wanna ‘fancy fix’? Well why didn’t you just say so…” then he fixes things ‘the correct way’. Somehow the humor was lost as I trudged through a full explanation of the joke (a comedic Mario Batali-level recipe of greatness, as I’m sure you know).

    I thought to myself, Holy shit. I am totally, unequivocally, in-over-my-head as a fan of ‘New Girl’. And what’s worse – I’m totally butchering this joke…from ‘New Girl’. At that moment I gulped down my coffee – deservedly burning the roof of my mouth, like a real asshole.

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    I, uh, yeah… Me too.

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      I, uh, yeah… Me too.
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      Hey Ladies and Lady-bros and Regular bros! I wrote about my newfound (and undying) love for New Girl. Please - just...
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